Why Tech Bloggers Are Starting To Go Stone Age With Their Organizing-Day Planners

The good old fashioned ways of organizing will never go away for some practical reasons we can’t ignore. Nowadays we get bombarded with a lot of requests to install apps that promise to magically help us get organized. Setting reminders is not the problem, but the way we do it most of the time doesn’t create the necessary commitment in our memories. Tech savvy people try all these different types of apps, but most of them eventually end up settling for pen and paper. Writing on paper to schedule some tasks gives you a break to breath fresh especially if you spend a lot of time on your computer screen. It breaks the monotony to keep you more alert and proactive.


Tech bloggers usually have very tight schedules and failure to organize in more practical ways can significantly lower their productivity. They need to make lists of topics for their upcoming posts, tech events to attend, industry experts to interview and a lot more. When they think about organizing their work schedules, nothing beats something they can hold on their hands like a physical planner made of paper. There is no shortage of digital planners to run on smartphones, but there is unnecessary mental energy and distractions associated with their use. Creating schedules via apps for instance first requires familiarizing yourself with the app. You then realize that for every small item you need to add to your schedule there are so many fields to enter. With the traditional planner, you quickly write down only what you need to remember. There is absolutely no need for details like location if you already know the usual meeting place with the other person.


A tech blogger wants to be more productive because there is too much happening in the tech world that he or she needs to write about. Making a schedule shouldn’t turn out to be another type of work that mentally drains energy. It needs to be done effortlessly, but in a way that allows memory to best commit to an activity that needs to be done. Mental energy must be saved for the blogger to focus content ideas and goals that needs to be achieved with the next blog spot. It’s more commonplace to see some of the best bloggers in the tech industry writing down on paper during brainstorming sessions or meetings. Sometimes it’s necessary to avoid the complexity modern day gadgets can bring into activities that demand maximum concentration levels to capture the best ideas and thoughts.

Smartphones are great devices but they put too much into our hands and sometimes we can easily be overwhelmed. We get far too many notifications on such devices and what they do sometimes is to distract us from the task at hand. So one of the best steps you can take towards getting and staying organized is to start using a paper-based planer. It may seem like a Stone Age way of organizing, but its usefulness lies in its simplicity. Tech bloggers and most writers use them even though they work with computers and all types of digital devices. Making a schedule shouldn’t feel like work itself.