Choosing Your Cocktail Party Reception Location

Nowadays many people opt for a cocktail party wedding. This kind of wedding has gained its popularity in the recent years. That should not be such a surprise as it is a new and quite refreshing way of organizing a wedding reception compared to some more traditional ones. Some newlyweds look after a new experience, they want to do things differently, to celebrate their day in a way less expected. So, if you have found yourself to be one of those people, think about a cocktail wedding reception. Why wouldn’t you try something like that, new, different and exciting?

What to pay attention to?

There are many aspects you should have in mind when searching for the cocktail party venue. Firstly, it is of a pure essence to make a list of all guests, so you can plan your wedding according to the number of all invited people. The number will determine whether you will need a small wedding venue or a bigger one. Additionally, according to how many guests will be invited to the wedding, you will have to make a decision about the type of your wedding. if you plan to have more than 100 guests, not so many restaurants have a capacity to host such a number of guests, so you might have to hold an outdoor wedding. But, if you are planning to invite fewer people, it will be easier to find to find a perfect venue.  You should pay attention to choose a location where your guests will not be cramped, but also there should not be a lot of wasted space at your wedding reception.

Another thing you should think about is the budget. More guests you have, the bigger your expenses will be. And there are many other things you will have to organize such as catering, decoration, flowers, dress, transport etc., so is of a pure essence to determine how much money you have at your disposal. After all, you don’t want to start a new chapter in your life with unnecessary, additional costs. So, you should opt for a venue which will suit the number of all invited people, but at the same time meets your wishes as well.

But, maybe the most important thing is to find the perfect location. You can have your wedding just anywhere. Also, it is a good idea to find a place which is not so far away from your home, so it can be easier and more accessible for you and for the guests as well. Not to mention, if you have some people coming from more distant places, you will have to find an appropriate accommodation for them in that area. Not to forget, you will have your wedding photographs taken here, so look around before reserving a venue, and think about surroundings. After all, memories from the wedding are something you will talk about, so make sure you have perfect photos to match your story.